Our Founder Cristian Dimitrius received the Diver of the Year award at the Boston Sea Rovers international event earlier on March 16th at 70th platinum anniversary of the Boston Sea Rovers, the oldest diving group in the whole world, annual event. There are 70 years of history, and for the first time, a Brazilian won this award. It's a select list of those who work with filming, scientific research, important people in the diving industry, who inspire people to take care of the planet. With the award also came a special invitation: his inclusion as a member of the Boston Sea Rovers. The first Brazilian in this regard too. 70 years of Boston Sea Rovers history with our Divers of the Year, varied talents of these important contributors to the underwater world, including the one and only Jacques Costeau. From the incredible photographic talent of Brian Skerry, Chuck Davis, Joe Romero, Berkeley White, and others, to influential filmmakers like Stan Waterman, Howard and Michelle Hall, and Rick Rosenthal, we've seen his work in many places. Famous Jaws author Peter Benchley was known for his books and films, as well as his conservation work to save sharks. Notable scientists and explorers include shark biologists Greg Skomal and Eugenie Clark, underwater icons Sylvia Earle and explorers Robert Ballard, and iceberg/cave diver Jil Heinerth. The early pioneers of the underwater world are also represented, including Harold Edgerton, Wes Skiles and many more. “Being elected Sea Rovers Diver of the Year motivates me a lot, it gives me the fuel to do even more, create more films. It is a renewal of energy to be able to cause even stronger impacts. The planet and the oceans are in need”, says Cristian. For more check: