Cristian Dimitrius Productions is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions generated during our productions and services! After years working with nature, we decided that is about time to give back more, and to reduce our carbon footprint, we created the concept of GREEN SHOOT. From now on, we will plant a tree for every edited minute in all our series produced by us, and for filming and fixing work we do for foreign productions, we will plant a tree for every second of the final sequence.
Planting will be carried out in degraded areas of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, which is our biome most threatened by urban occupation. We began this work in 2023 and applied the method for our last main projects (Untamed Brazil 3, Blue Brazil, Untamed Planet: Mexico and Untamed Planet: Argentina), planting more than 1,150 trees native to the Atlantic Forest, including many araucaria trees (Araucaria angustifolia) that currently occupy less than 1% of their original coverage.
Join us in this GREEN SHOOT preservation action and let’s give back to the planet some of what it gives us.