During his weekly TV appearance in Brazilian Band TV, Cristian Dimitrius was caught off guard by a wasp while making a live appearance on his segment “Planeta Incrível (incredible Planet) on Band's “Melhor da Noite” (best of the night) daily show. The reporter was talking about the nesting of Amazon turtles, when the insect landed on his arm and stung him. The cameraman showed the injury live. "It's swollen," he revealed. In a chat with Glenda Kozlowski and Zeca Camargo, Dimitrius felt severe pain when the animal appeared on his arm. The moment did not go unnoticed and the show's presenters made a point of showing a replay of the exact moment the reporter was attacked by the insect. This moment went viral and was reported by many media channels. The segment Planeta Incrivel is aired every Wednesday where Cristian shows to the audience Natures beauty from around the world.