Love for Nature is deep in our hearts, and we truly believe images can change the world and make it a better place. We want to inspire people to love and care about nature as much as we do, and this is the core of our company, our mission. Founded in 2007 by Cristian Dimitrius, we have expressed this passion filming and producing hundreds of hours of award-winning content exhibited all over the world in platforms and channels such Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, National Geographic, PBS, NHK, Arte, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Love Nature, Smithsonian, Globo TV, Band TV and many more.

If your filming destination is Brazil, we would love to work with you and help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call and let’s make the world a better place together!


Cristian Dimitrius – CEO/DoP/Director

Cristian Dimitrius was born in the Mountains of Minas Gerais state, in Brazil, and since his young childhood he has been connected to nature. He has dedicated his life to share his passion for the natural world to as many people as possible and that took him where he is right now, as an Emmy Award Winning cinematographer, multi-task cameraman (top side and underwater), experient drone pilot and television presenter specializing in wildlife and natural history. Due to its versatility and adaptation to different natural environments and equipment, Cristian has the ideal profile to get a better and more complete result in a shorter time. His cinematography and directing are acclaimed all over the world.

Flavia Rocha – Fixer/Producer

Flavia has worked with Cristian for over 10 years and by his side she helped expand their company's activities. Flavia is responsible to provide full support to the team out in the field, taking care of all logistics, safety, permits, training and much more. She is your best partner for any production services and fixing in Brazil.
Flavia is also passionate about the natural world and shares the dream of bringing people closer to nature through our productions.

Fernanda Brito – Producer Junior/Researcher

Fernanda has a PhD in production engineering which brings to the team a very focused, practical and problem-solving mind. She has been our right hand in all productions, from taking care of all kind of permits to carrying out detailed research which is fundamental for placing film crews in the right place at the right time.

Stella Ditt – Camerawoman

Brazilian wildlife cinematographer with experience in blue chip productions, mainly for National Geographic and Disney+. As a divemaster, she also works as Underwater Camerawoman, besides long lenses and drones. She also has experience as director's assistant and editor. Stella has a big passion for animals and the natural world, and always looks for the best way to tell a story. She believes we only protect what we love. Therefore, filming nature and producing a documentary is a way to teach people the true value of each living being, showing how everything is connected, and stimulating people to respect and admire nature, through the knowledge. It's a way to bring art and science together.

Rafael Mitsuo – Cameraman

Despite growing up in the suburbs of the city of São Paulo, Rafael always had a connection with the natural world. He grabbed any and every opportunity to get closer to Nature. This innate strength led him to get a degree in biology and today, after working as a researcher for 5 years, he discovered his real vocation and mission in life: telling natural stories through images. He is an expert in long lens, macro, handheld stabilizers, landscape, timelapses and aerial photography. For him, filming represents an exchange: Nature makes us better human beings and he reciprocate by trying to enchant as many people as possible with images, making them fall in love and connect with the natural world as he does.

Cosmo Roncon Jr - Cameraman

Cosmo Roncon is an Audiovisual storyteller who makes his passion for photography reach new boundaries every day. With more than 15 years in the business, Cosmo has accumulated a vast experience working alongside great masters from Brazil. In his intense career working in photography, Cosmo accumulates many miles traveling to film documentary projects of the most varied styles and formats. Documenting reality is his passion, bringing with him his extensive background and the desire to tell stories in a sensitive way and generating a positive impact on the planet. He films Nature because it is for him the greatest opportunity to feel connected, alive and part of a whole. With each situation a new experience and different sensations, he likes to be prepared 100% of the time, for any situation. He believes that his role is to take a little bit of wild nature so that everyone can fall more and more in love with Mother Nature, protect her, conserve her, so that our next generations, through beautiful and meaningful images, preserve this future.

Cristian Dimitrius Productions is a media company based in Brazil specialized in capturing wildlife images for documentaries, series, feature films,commercials, internet and press media. We value excellence, and creativity to bring an innovative approach to plunge the audience into the animal world. We invite you to discover more about us.

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