Image bank

We are so passionate about filming nature that we go out with our cameras even when we don’t have an assignment or are making a new series. And after many years doing that we collected a huge library of several subjects from areas like the Amazon, Pantanal, Atlantic Rainforest (our backward), Brazilian Coast, Caribbean, Argentina, Mexico and much more. All shot in 4k or above. Please contact us if you have any enquire for images from these areas. Sometimes, it is easier to get what you need in a buyout format so don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss any possibility. We are here to get what you need.


Cristian Dimitrius Productions is a media company based in Brazil specialized in capturing wildlife images for documentaries, series, feature films,commercials, internet and press media. We value excellence, and creativity to bring an innovative approach to plunge the audience into the animal world. We invite you to discover more about us.

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