To fulfill our mission, we dedicate most of the time to improve services and learn new things to make your production easier, smoother, and safer. For years we have been working with production companies from all over the world helping then in getting ANCINE permits, film permits in local parks and remote places, equipment through the Brazilian customs, contact with local experts, finding stories and providing a wide selection of camera kits. Anything is possible and we want to help you by doing our best, always.


Cinematography is our passion and that is imprinted in every frame we shoot. There is no limit for our imagination. We do what is possible, and sometimes impossible, to create that awarding winning sequence you want for your project. Our specialty includes UW cinematography, Aerial Filming, Action cams, Timelapses, Macro photography, Classic Long Lens, Stabilizers, unique movements, remote controlled cameras, infrared and trail cams. With a comprehensive experience in the Brazilian Biomes, specially Amazon, Pantanal, Cerrado and the coastline, a versatility to adapt to your needs, we have the right team to get you a better and more complete result for your land mark series in a shorter period of time, saving costs as much as possible. Please take a look at our productions section to see our latest works.


Our satisfaction is to make your life easier if your production happens in Brazil. Based in São Paulo, and with more than 15 years of experience and exclusive access to some natural areas and experts, we can help you with Filming, Film Production Services, Film permits, Filming permissions, Location manager, Location scout, Custom clearance, Budgets, Money saving logistics, Travel arrangements, Equipment rental, Risk Assessment and Insurance. Our main clients includes Plimsoll Productions, WildSpace, BBC, Wildstar, Silverback, Off The Fence, Sealight Pictures, Talesmith, Imagine-Docs and many others. Feel free to contact us anytime to help with your production, we are available 24/7.


As storytellers we are always looking for new ways to tell an unique wildlife story and we believe that the best way to do that is to partner with other production companies. We usually spend more than 200 days in the field every year and have exclusive access to some guides and areas in Brazil and South America, where a new story can always be found. We have also produced our own series for National Geographic and know all the steps of every production. If you are looking for new and fresh ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a call and lets make the next awarding winning sequence together.


We love technology, innovation, and new toys. We truly believe this can help us to tell better and fresh new animal stories. And that is why we own a wide range of broadcast equipment, which is also available for hiring, including 3 new Red cameras, Canon Cameras, Several Nauticam Underwater housings, the latest drones, action cams, customized equipment’s, a wide variety of lenses including Canon CN-20 and all accessories for a natural history production. Please contact us to receive an updated list of all available equipment for hire and let’s get them to the field.


Cristian Dimitrius Productions is a media company based in Brazil specialized in capturing wildlife images for documentaries, series, feature films,commercials, internet and press media. We value excellence, and creativity to bring an innovative approach to plunge the audience into the animal world. We invite you to discover more about us.

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